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Found Flock

Found Flock began as 23 birds created in response to Edmonton’s Green Window’s City Project in April 2014. Inspiration was provided by the eager bird watching, and nature enthusiasm of the artist’s two-year-old daughter. She assisted in gathering the found materials used to make these bird sculptures, and participated in their construction. This lends the project its playful quality. Found Flock has gradually expanded to include all 303 bird species spotted in the Edmonton area as documented in The Howard and Moore Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World 3rd Edition. Each bird is sculpted to scale taking into consideration the markings, colouring, and shape of each species. The nature of the found materials also facilitated the artist’s decisions regarding the final form that each bird took. This has resulted in a creative interpretation of the avian life of Edmonton. Found Flock is whimsical and playful, yet powerfully representative of Edmonton's bird species. It reminds us of the  marvel of nature and the importance of its preservation. For instance, the re-use of discarded materials in Found Flock asks us to consider the ways in which we consume. The  juxtaposition between the materials and the subject matter draws attention to those species with whom we share our urban spaces.



in April 2014. 

Found Flock Winter Birds - Opening Reception January 28, 2015

Shaw Confrence Center, Jasper Ave Entrance, as part of the WInter Cities Shake-UP Confrence!

The 112 winter birds of Found Flock!



Found Flock- Opening Reception June 18 2015

University of Alberta Museums Enterprise Square Galleries

walking in the flock.jpg
found flock audrey and mom.jpg
FINAL  (8).jpg
FINAL  (7).jpg
FINAL  (6).jpg
FINAL  (5).jpg
FINAL  (1).jpg
FINAL  (2).jpg
FINAL  (3).jpg
FINAL  (4).jpg
FINAL (12) copy.jpg
FINAL (13).jpg
FINAL (3) copy.jpg
FINAL (5) copy.jpg
FINAL (1) copy.jpg
FINAL (14).jpg
FINAL (4).jpg
FINAL (10) copy.jpg
FINAL (8) copy.jpg
FINAL (11) copy.jpg
FINAL (2) copy.jpg
FINAL (6) copy.jpg
Ruby Throated Humming Bird
Cedar Waxwing
Farris Hawk
Rock Dove
Snow Owl
California Gull
Pine Grosbeak, Female
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